Open SURGE Masterclass


Wed Jul 14, 2021 2pm - 5pm EDT

Tues Aug 24, 2021 1pm – 4pm EDT


A sudden, powerful movement toward trauma informed  developmental care


On the journey to become more trauma informed, the first step is to become trauma aware. Trauma comes in all different shapes and sizes and it all matters.

Let's open our hearts to heal the hurt that goes unnoticed. Now is the time to start the conversation. 

The SURGE Masterclass is a critical, required component of the Trauma Informed Professional Certificate Program and where the conversation begins!  We want to share this experience with the world. 

  • Participating in this masterclass can be a first step for folks who are intrigued about the journey of becoming a Trauma Informed Professional but are not sure that they are ready to make the commitment.
  • But, even for those not interested in becoming Trauma Informed Professionals, you will find the masterclass cutting edge, provocative and incredibly informative!
  • This interactive 3-hour virtual learning experience  presents the latest research and brings awareness to the necessity and lifelong impact of a trauma informed approach to care
  • During the masterclass the faculty facilitate interactive open discussion with Q&A to support participation, engagement and empowerment.
  • 3-hours of continuing nursing education credit is available

Join us in this unique opportunity to awaken ourselves and others to the growing need for trauma informed care! 

"I enjoyed the class and I think it was the perfect amount of interactive and non interactive. I also really enjoyed the virtual aspect (even though that is currently the only option), it took the pressure off of participating (both when choosing to and choosing not to participate) and it allowed us to speak up through chat without interrupting the speaker so that we didn't forget our comments but also could still discuss them at the proper time". 
- SURGE Masterclass Participant

This MASTERCLASS Is For You If...

  • You are curious to learn more about trauma and its impact
  • You are open to the possibility of doing things differently 
  • You want to connect with other heart-centered professionals
  • You are ready to take the leap to become more trauma informed  

This MASTERCLASS Will Discuss...

  1. Global implications of trauma big and small
  2. Biological relevance of  trauma and the healing power of connection
  3. The future of healthcare and what is possible  
  4. The opportunity to become a Trauma Informed Professional
"Fantastic and motivational. Best neonatal programme I have attended. I have been feeling very de-motivated lately and this has re-invigorated the passion for the field".
- SURGE Masterclass Participant


All of our Trauma Informed Developmental Care Education is endorsed by NIDCAP Federation International, Inc.


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Meet the SURGE Masterclass Faculty

Mary Coughlin MS, NNP, RNC-E

Mary Coughlin, a leader in neonatal nursing, pioneered the concept of trauma informed care as a biologically relevant paradigm for hospitalized babies, children, and their families.  She is the President and Founder of Caring Essentials Collaborative, LLC.

Tara DeWolfe PT, DPT, CNT, CLC

Tara DeWolfe, a Physical Therapist and Developmental Specialist, is a dynamic leader. Tara’s passion is providing a holistic approach to creating nurturing experiences for babies and their families and to support her colleagues to optimize developmental potential. Tara is Director of Operations and faculty at Caring Essentials Collaborative, LLC.


Kristy Fuller OTR/L, CNT

Kristy Fuller is an occupational therapist and feeding specialist who loves working with babies and families. She is passionate about sharing a preventative model for successful and enjoyable eating experiences. Kristy is the Director of Education and faculty at Caring Essentials Collaborative, LLC

"Epiphany after epiphany! Learning from all dimensions. Wrapping all of the core values into a beautiful package from which to work and understand. Love this information so much."
- SURGE Masterclass Participant



This option is for teams of 10 or more who understand the benefits of learning  together to create change.  This is the ideal choice for teams interested in exploring the possibility of becoming a designated trauma informed site or a trauma informed center of excellence.  

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"The stories created such connectivity to who we are and the work we do. Having the courage to be the change agent is challenging but necessary - I cannot wait to continue this journey of influencing change and role modeling the wonderful best practices we are learning. How beautiful to know we can impact our babies, families and communities :)"
- SURGE Masterclass Participant