From NICU Baby to Neonatal Nursing: Chantel Morin's Inspiring Journey

Season #2

In this podcast, the guest Chantel Morin, a former preterm baby turned neonatal nurse, shares her incredible journey and dedication to improving neonatal care. Born prematurely in 1980, Chantel faced numerous challenges but grew up determined to give back to the NICU community that saved her life. Her personal and professional experiences drive her passion for trauma-informed care, education, and advocacy. Chantel's stories highlight the importance of family-centered care, the impact of developmental and trauma-informed practices, and her ongoing efforts to bring positive changes to neonatal care in Canada. Through her journey from a NICU baby to a neonatal nurse educator and advocate, Chantel exemplifies resilience, compassion, and the desire to improve outcomes for premature babies and their families.


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